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Working Papers

Working Paper n°1: Land conflicts, population pressure and lethal violence in The Niger Delta (Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, 2006 – 2014), by Christian Ichite

Working Paper n°2: Maritime Piracy and Lethal Violence Offshore in Nigeria (2006-2014), by Akinsola Jimoh

Working Paper n°3: Muslims, Christians and Religious Violence in Nigeria: Patterns and Mapping (2006 – 2014), by Akinola Ejodame Olojo with an annex by Corentin Cohen on media and religion

Working Paper n°4: Trends and patterns of fatalities resulting from cult societiesand belief in witchcraft in Nigeria (2006 –2014), by Akinpelu Babajide Adedotun

Working Paper n°5: Trends and patterns of cattle grazing and rural violence in Nigeria (2006 - 2014), by Philip Olayoku

Working Paper n°6: Trends and patterns of fatal road accidents in Nigeria (2006 – 2014), by Vitus Ukoji

Working Paper n°7: Lethal Violence Against Women In Nigeria (2006-2014), by Temilola George

Working Paper n°8: Patterns and trend analysis of violence in oil production and oil distribution in Nigeria (2006 - 2014), by Adeola Adams

Working Paper n°9: Land Conflits and Lethal Violence in Nigeria: Patterns, Mapping and Evolution (2006 – 2014), by Stone Conroy

Working Paper n°10: Cancelled

Working Paper n°11: Violence between and within political parties in Nigeria: statistics, structures and patterns (2006-2014), by Corentin Cohen

Working Paper n°12: Political and Electoral Violence in Nigeria: Mapping, Evolution and Patterns (June 2006–May 2014), by Shamsudeen Kabir Bello

Working Paper n°13: Killings by the security forces in Nigeria: mapping and trend analysis (2006 - 2014), by Super Afeno

Working Paper n°14: Oil companies and lethal violence in Nigeria: Patterns, mapping, and evolution (2006-2014), by James Okolie-Osemene


The ‘Invisible Violence’ Project

Violence is not always reported by the media, especially in remote rural areas that are difficult to access. Hence, in 8 years (2006 - 2014), NigeriaWatch did not record any report of fatal incidents in 23 of the 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the Nigerian Federation. As at 1st November 2014, these were: Udung Uko and Urue-Offong/Oruko (Akwa Ibom), Kwaya Kusar (Borno), Nafada (Gombe), Auyo, Gagarawa, Kaugama and Yankwashi (Jigawa), Ingawa and Matazu (Katsina), Sakaba (Kebbi), Bassa, Igalamela-Odolu and Mopa-Muro (Kogi), Toto (Nassarawa), Ifedayo (Osun), Gudu and Gwadabaw (Sokoto), Ussa (Taraba), Karasuwa, Machina, Nguru and Yunusari (Yobe). There are two possibilities in this regard: whether some LGAs are very peaceful, or they are not covered by the media. The following studies thus investigate “invisible” violence.

Working Paper n°15: A Survey of Violence-Related Mortality in Urue-Offong/Oruko and Udung Uko Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State (2006-2014), by Akinpelu Babajide 'Dotun and Hammed Abodunrin

Working Paper n°16: A Survey of Violence-Related Mortality in Aninri and Isi-Uzo Local Government Areas of Enugu State, 2006 – 2014, by Joachin Uche Okanume

Working Paper n°17: A Survey of Violence Related Mortality in Egbedore and Ifedayo Local Governments of Osun State (2006-2014), by Hammed Abodunrin 

Working Paper n°18: A Study of Violence-Related Mortality in Isin and Oke-Ero Local Government Areas of Kwara State (2006-2014), by Gbemisola Animasawun & Fatai Aremu

Working Paper n°19: A Study of Violence-Related Mortality in Mopa-Muro and Igalamela Local Governments of Kogi State and Toto Local Governments of Nassarawa State (2006-2014), by Stephen Olusegun Titus

Working Paper n°20: A Study of Violence-Related Mortality in Ussa LGA of Taraba State (2006-2014), by Mathias Daji Yake

Working Paper n°21: A Study of Violence-Related Mortality in Baure, Ingawa, Kurfi, Mani and Matazu Local Government Areas of Katsina State (2006-2014), by Adam Alqali

Working Paper n°22: A Study of Violence-Related Mortality in Gudu, Gwadabawa and Illela Local Governments of Sokoto State and Sakaba Local Government of Kebby State, by Akinola Ejodame Olojo and Arshad Munir

Working Paper n°23: A Study of Violence-Related Mortality in Nafada Local Government Area of Gombe State and Auyo, Gagarawa, Gumel, Gwiwa, Kaugama and Yankwasi Local Government Areas of Jigawa State (2006-2014), by Daniel Makai

Working Paper n°24: A Study of Violence-Related Mortality in Kwaya Kusar LGA (Borno) and Karasuwa, Machina, Nguru and Yunusari LGAs (Yobe) since 2006, by Emmanuel Baba Aduku

Working Paper n°25: A Study of Violence and Peace in Kwaya Kusar Local Government Area of Borno State, North-Eastern Nigeria, 2015-2016, by Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos

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