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Boko Haram: who kills who? The macabre tally of a dirty war (In English)

Boko Haram au Nigeria : qui tue qui ? Le décompte macabre d’une guerre sale (In French)

10 myths about violence in Nigeria

Violence in Nigeria : a qualitative and quantitative analysis

Prevalence of Lethal and Non-lethal Crimes in Nigeria, 2016 (PDF in English)

A Study of Crime Reporting in Nigeria, 2016 (PDF in English)

Initial Report on the Coalition against Boko Haram, March 2015 (PDF in English)

Boko Haram : Regional Issues around the Uprising, Feb. 2015 (PDF in English)

Boat Accidents in Nigeria: General Trends and Risk Factors (PDF in English)

Boko Haram: Islamism, politics, security and the state in Nigeria - Book, 2014 (PDF in English with map)

Conflicts and the political issues of excess mortality: A case-study from Nigeria - Article, 2014 (PDF in English)

Nigeria: l'ombre de boko Haram. Article in Politique Internationale, 2013 (PDF in French)

Le Nigeria à l'épreuve de l'islamisme. Article in Politique Etrangère, 2013 (PDF in French)

Nigeria: a military intervention in Mali? Article in Le Monde's Daily (10 July 2012) - (PDF in French with map)

Civil War in Nigeria? Article in Le Monde's Daily (17 Jan. 2012) - (PDF in English)

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